Ayurveda Fenugreek Spice Is Scientifically Proven To Lower The Bad (LDL) And Increase The (HDL) Good Cholesterol

Author: Helen Thomas

Fenugreek is the common name for the Latin botanical name. Trigonella foenum-graecum. Plasma Insulin levels are found to increase when given fenugreek in vivo. This results in increased conversion of hepatic cholesterol to bile salts which facilitates reducing the LDL and increasing the HDL. Researches in Indian Medicine Annals are rich in research on fenugreek. Fenugreek along with other household spices is one of the main ingredients for urinary, kidney tract, pancreas repairing, cleansing and nourishing.

The Ayurveda High Cholesterol Herbal Recommendations

One Cup Fenugreek Tea per day.

Haritaki Powder 1/2 tsp with one teaspoon of honey.

Kutaja Powder, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder i/2 teaspoon of each in a copper cup, room temperature. If you do not have the copper cup it will still work wonders.


Half teaspoon of Triphala before going to bed mixed with warm water strained and taken If it too sour for you put sweetener to taste in it.

I have heard more than one Ayurvedic physician say s/he or he took triphala routinely for long periods of time.

Tri Phala simply is three fruits that cleanse different tissue in all three sections of the body.

These are all very common easy to obtains herbs and spices.

We must take our understanding of cholesterol back into our own hearts and mind.

When we do that we will have the fortitude to make these teas and take them daily if you have a cholesterol problem or even if you don’t. So you don’t get one.

There are no studies done to date with any of the modern pharmaceutical used for cholesterol and ayurvedic herbs. the ayurvedic herbs are working in gross levels compared to the pharmaceuticals because the ayurveda herbs have to be digested like food. In many cases that is exactly what they are food called herbs.

Back to the earth with plant medicine that is not processed beyond simple ancient techniques that have been done for millenium is where ayurvedic herbs take us.

Body fat is meda in Sanskrit. There are several types of fat such as lipid, cholesterol, adipose tissue, white fat and brown fat. All these tissues play a role in your cholesterol health.

You must be educated to understand from an ayurvedic point of view to choose herbs and practices that specifically like a bullseye accuracy give you the desire results you are wanting within a very short period of time between 7 days, 21 days, or 45 days and beyond depending how severe the problem is.

Or how long you let it go before tending to it properly.

Finding and consulting an Ayurvedic Practiconer is possible worldwide.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise cannot be over emphasized. Mild.moderate or sports players level whichever you find yourself you must exercise at your level of comfort seven days a week. Ayurveda prescribes specific types of exercise based on your body type.

If you chant the word Meda because it is a Sanskrit mantra it will vibrate the specifics biochemical frequency and amplitude and strengthen that tissue. Chanting has been a science studied and perfected in the advanced siddha traditions. Now ther is irrefutable evidence to the health benefits of chanting the Sanskrit mantras. Yes this true of chanting any prayer that invokes grace.This is the specific science of mantra based health restoration without even herbs in many cases and especially so if you go to a master.


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